Tuesday, March 2, 2010

missing them~~

 It's 1.46am now..but I'm still awaken~~
This is because I'am thinking of them - my two lovely dogs
They both had was died on 8.8.2008 and the other was on 21.11.2008~~
I was totally in ruins~~sad~~and until now i still feel guilty.....
every time i think of them i will tears...just rushing out from my eyes..crying heavily~~
It's hurt..><...hurt deeply.....I'm not a good master...y i would be so careless?....i should bring them to the vet clinic~~
I'm so sorry,Jordan~~5 years since u came to our house from 2004 and left us on 2008....
We had neglected you sometimes...never care about your feeling and your needs~~
So sorry~~and I feel so happy that i had dreamed about you even it's the only once~~you looked so handsome and beautiful.....i think u must be very happy in the heaven now~~
Juno....only 2 months with us....died with the same problem as Jordan....sad....freaking sad...
why it's happened for second times??I really couldn't accept at the moment....that time i tried my best to heal him....using all kinds of medicine..but....failed....that time i was sitting for my SPM....spoilted my mood....

For those who having dogs please take good care of them~~They will be your best best friend in this world....Don't treat them as an animal...treat them as a will find something special~~

R.I.P Jordan Noel
R.I.P Juno Isaac


queenie said...

i can feel ur pain...but dun u still have another 2 dogs to accompany u..
i always treat my bobby as my best frien...hope everyone can have this good relationship v dogs.. then there'll be no more animal abusing in this world!!!! try our best to wake them up in this coming presentation...

KWX :: Wei XIng said...

Karma... =]

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