Friday, February 26, 2010

A meaningful day~~^^

Just got back from Seremban
It's such a pretty meaningful day!
We,Leo club members have just visited the old folk's houses and ophanage.
wow,the first place we went was an old folk's house which locates at Klang.
it's a bungalow~~
the first one who came to serve us was a dog@@
we guys sang songs and danced
and the interesting thing was the ah ma and ah gong were quite enjoyed^^
at the moment i saw one of the ah ma was crying..=(
haha...don get misunderstanding...she was very happy to see us came...
well,she was unable to walk and even in moving her hands..
after finished our performanced,we each one took some oranges to give them..
i felt wanna talk to them but....they are almost good in hokkien...although i know how to speak@@
i still couldn't express what i wanted to say..sad..
haha..but everything went smooth..
we were chatting with them..bla bla bla...served them food and drink..
and i realized that they used to tell alot of things about them to us..
reason is they feel empty and one can talk and chat with them at there
I can say that my two ah ma are very "好命"
I felt so hurt when i saw them
I also felt very touching too..
after that we went to an orphanage..
there were another team..(duno where they from) were having some activities with the children
when yii pin and i went inside,i saw a baby...kept crying...he is sick...poor baby..couldn't sleep well thats y he cried..
after that we went to have our lunch in Jusco Bukit Tinggi..
we proceeded to another old folk's house
this house is very special becoz all of them are female..>< usual we sang and danced...and that time was very special
one or two of the ah ma aunty danced together with us..haha
and there are not only chinese got also indians
we were chatting with them and...haha...served them ate and drank
i was chatting with a ah ma that time...she talked so soft until i had to listen to her as possible as i could..
i had to get near to her so that i could get what she said..even that i quite hard to get what she said cause my hokkien no very good..hahaha
lastly,i got took picture with her b4 we went back..haha..
she asked me to send her the photo..^^
well,i will try my best..><
don't blame me if i can't do that..TT
the last destination was seremban..
wow,this one the three houses are not we had to go one by one..
the ah ma ah gong are totally different with others that we had met
they got hearing it's hard for them to enjoy..haha

well,personally i sincere hope that everyone must respect and take good care of ur parents and also ur grandparents~~~
if no them,then we will not be here..
i hope everyone try not to send ur parents to old folk's house..
very meaningful...i like it...
through this event i have learnt not to offend our parents and the elderists...because b4 that i used to do that
haha...but there is a main reason there..=P
now i grew up and i know everything...i am trying to change myself..


queenie said...

OMG, annie, i can feel how excited you're when u got back frm the event..its a good activity and shud keep it up..i'll try tat next time..

annie-thing said...

hahaha..u missed problem!!next year

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