Friday, February 26, 2010

A meaningful day~~^^

Just got back from Seremban
It's such a pretty meaningful day!
We,Leo club members have just visited the old folk's houses and ophanage.
wow,the first place we went was an old folk's house which locates at Klang.
it's a bungalow~~
the first one who came to serve us was a dog@@
we guys sang songs and danced
and the interesting thing was the ah ma and ah gong were quite enjoyed^^
at the moment i saw one of the ah ma was crying..=(
haha...don get misunderstanding...she was very happy to see us came...
well,she was unable to walk and even in moving her hands..
after finished our performanced,we each one took some oranges to give them..
i felt wanna talk to them but....they are almost good in hokkien...although i know how to speak@@
i still couldn't express what i wanted to say..sad..
haha..but everything went smooth..
we were chatting with them..bla bla bla...served them food and drink..
and i realized that they used to tell alot of things about them to us..
reason is they feel empty and one can talk and chat with them at there
I can say that my two ah ma are very "好命"
I felt so hurt when i saw them
I also felt very touching too..
after that we went to an orphanage..
there were another team..(duno where they from) were having some activities with the children
when yii pin and i went inside,i saw a baby...kept crying...he is sick...poor baby..couldn't sleep well thats y he cried..
after that we went to have our lunch in Jusco Bukit Tinggi..
we proceeded to another old folk's house
this house is very special becoz all of them are female..>< usual we sang and danced...and that time was very special
one or two of the ah ma aunty danced together with us..haha
and there are not only chinese got also indians
we were chatting with them and...haha...served them ate and drank
i was chatting with a ah ma that time...she talked so soft until i had to listen to her as possible as i could..
i had to get near to her so that i could get what she said..even that i quite hard to get what she said cause my hokkien no very good..hahaha
lastly,i got took picture with her b4 we went back..haha..
she asked me to send her the photo..^^
well,i will try my best..><
don't blame me if i can't do that..TT
the last destination was seremban..
wow,this one the three houses are not we had to go one by one..
the ah ma ah gong are totally different with others that we had met
they got hearing it's hard for them to enjoy..haha

well,personally i sincere hope that everyone must respect and take good care of ur parents and also ur grandparents~~~
if no them,then we will not be here..
i hope everyone try not to send ur parents to old folk's house..
very meaningful...i like it...
through this event i have learnt not to offend our parents and the elderists...because b4 that i used to do that
haha...but there is a main reason there..=P
now i grew up and i know everything...i am trying to change myself..

My dear doggies' name list~~

Jordan Noel
Mico Bryan
Juno Isaac
Buddy Alloycious
My next doggy will be named as
Whisky Brandon
insomnia now
suddenly feel wanna write it out
good night everyone
zzz now~^^

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY week~~

cny holiday is almost over~~
I am in my hostel currently...
hahaha.....i just finished doing cleaning...
well well well~~

11 Feb 2010 (thursday)
having biology test at 10am..
luckily i could answer it because i din prepare well....^^
after that i had my lunch at dining hall with my fellows~~
around 2.30pm,my fren sent me to ktm....
the train came abit late...the weather was damn hot...frustrated!
about 3.30pm the train arrived
luckily i got seat....^^
i was reading my novel during the way to kepong....
when reached the putra...(4got the name) station,i saw quite lot of primary students there...
at that moment i saw a boy - student was eating his potato chips...hahaha...
what the interesting was his chip felt on the floor...
then he pick up the chip...the first thing i thought was he would throw it to the lane of train or maybe eaten it...
it was wrong..haha....he pick it up and then threw it into the dustbin..
hmm....if everyone can be like him then the country must be very clean...haha
i reached Kepong at 5pm something...reached my uncle's house around 5.30pm...
12 Feb 2010 (Friday)
10am i departed from Kepong to SP with my uncle and family~~
haha.....around 2.30pm i reached my grandma house (my uncle house)
i was waiting for my mum to fetch me up here...
it was very very hot so i followed my uncle to nasi kandar shop to have some cold drink..
gosh!!i ordered ais kacang...not nice at all also....
my uncle and two cousin brothers ordered nasi kandar...@@hot day ate spicy food...
after back from there, my mum still no yet came...@@
finally i reached my sweet home at around 6.30pm~~
the rest i forgot what had happened...hahaha...
13 Feb 2010 (saturday)
finally....cny eve~~~
the busiest day~~
every one was very busy...arranged tables chairs...
women prepared dishes..haha..
we helpers...guys...played...@@
this year was special...because the weather was damn hot so we ate at outside my house...
after finished eating, my youngest uncle kept asking us to drink red wine~~
hehe...every year he sure will bring back a few bottles of red wine...only for us (his nephews and nieces)..
he kept asking us to try the red wine...whether it was nice or not.....,my two sisters,three cousin sisters and i sat at outside and drank the red wine with my uncle...
Damn....i only drank a few small glasses of face got red...damn red...and i felt abit blur...i think i got drunk...haha
the whole night i couldn't sleep whole body damn itchy!!!..argh....i kept scrabbing it...
the next morning i gonna went to skin got red....of course my sister also had the same problem as second sister didn't..she only got drunk....haha
17 Feb 2010 (wednesday)
hohoho....this day we went to JB...(my mom's relatives place)
we departed at 6am and arrived there at 2pm something...
at the evening we went to church...oh ya...we had to fast also...haha
after back from church we all went to my older uncle's house...
so crowded...haha...
this year cny is very special...y i say so because my cousin brother had changed alot...his attitude...we all feel very happy with that...before that he used to go CC every midnight and back home in the morning...and also his bad attitude~~everyone kept scolding him because he used to scold his mom...
haiz....damn stubborn...didn't want to go to church..he doesn't graduate...he stopped to go to school when he was in form 4...luckily now he become a good guy...go to work...stop gaming...and go to church somemore...thank he can talk to us...become a friendly guy...haha
18 Feb 2010 (thursday)
this day my family and my aunt and her family went to singapore...
haiz...damn mood to travel also...quite boring..@@
we went to the zoo...hmm...quite enjoyed...haha..because i like animals...
bla bla bla....
lazy to write....
then we back to JB at 8pm...
after bathing went out to have our dinner...
then went to my youngest uncle's house...
wanna visited my grandma...haha
she looks very thin...hmm...abit blur blur...
my little cousin sister and monkeys....haha
20 Feb 2010 (saturday)
woke up at 7am...
wanna going back...
thats y i am family wanna go genting...
before coming to my hostel, we went to port dickson..
haha...nothing can play also...having lunch (seafood) at there...RM200++..damn expensive...
the time flies so fast...we gonna study...some gonna work...hahaha...

wanna wash my clothes now....stop here..
-the end-

Saturday, February 6, 2010


God~~how???I have to decide it in the end of my foundation....><
Let me know what should i do,ok??

Monday, February 1, 2010


ah ha....
another week is coming
still have 13 days....
just finished my biology's slides
hate it!
2moro v have to present it
i just simply do it
no mood
tests are driving near
i haven't started any revision
sounds like very smart in everything
its just a test but need to study weh
this few days are freaking hot!
what to write?
goin to sleep now