Monday, March 28, 2011

Together Change Create!

I just back from a camp!
It was hold by Gen X International!
This was a basic camp which title was:
-Together同行 Change改变 Create创造-
This camp had 3 main processes. The first process was "Intense and Mechanism" means 目标与方法.
well,the process rule was v have to use one different way from other people to cross from one side to another side~this camp had 350 participants!means in this process there will have 350 walking ways to cross to other side!hahaha...I was thinking what way should i use to pass the process...Due to many people q up behind chairs to wait for their turns,so i just waiting at behind of them...This scene is just like i m standing in a wide square and there are a lot a lot of  obstacles in front of me!I cant clearly see where is my intention!In this process,all of them have one intention,there was cross to other side!Of course this process has reflected my life!I need to find ways to achieve my intention!In this process,I really cant imagine that I could do something that was very embarrassing!><....but,I had no choice!all of the easy n nice styles had been using by other people!I cared others comments n i was a thin face person...but!I broke through my weaknesses in this process!!haha..because to cross to other side, I forced myself to unload my ugly shell!n when i reached to other side successfully,I felt very elated!I couldn't imagine how dare was I!=)....actually,the message that wanted to bring out to us was we have to have 100% intention!this means v have to 100% clearly know what is our dreams!no matter how hard is it to achieve it,v have to do sacrificed!
The second process was "the pole"~hmm....every team will get a long pipe...and then v have to use our two hands' of one finger to lift up the pipe n then put it down to the floor...all of our fingers must touch the pipe when putting down the pipe together~This process was testing our concentration~u may feel it is very easy to do it but!it's not!my team had tried many times with different ways but still failed!v redo n redo the process again until getting frustrated!I admit i was did well in this process!=p...when i saw my teammate did bad n made our group to fail in this process after many times of failure,i started to get mad n wanna scold them!but!I controlled my emotion!i very happy because i got changed from my weakness!I easily to get mad b4!=)..however,the other way to pass the process was ignore others voices (distractions)!I did it also!=)....after trying hard finally v did it!!!yeah!!!
The third process was "the voice"..The voice means distraction from other people..well,i think every one will have such experience also which is when u want to make a good decision however in your heart u can hear that there is another voice drag u out!this one was fantastic!everyone had to stand on a chair one by one to shout out our own intentions and at the same time the rest would be the evil voices that distracted the person.wao!i saw some of the participants cried n some of them dared not to shout out when standing on the chair..hmm...for me i did it!!i shouted till sore throat!><..this process aimed to let us break through our fear...fear of how people looking at them,fear of facing rejection after showing plan,fear of face to face talking with people...
This camp is awesome!From there I really can 100% make sure what is my intention or dream!Not only that,in the last section before camp ended there was a E&E - Encourage and Empower~I like this section very much!We had to write to our leaders,up lines,group members or any one that we wanted to thank and encourage.I received many papers...The feeling when I received the papers was...happy and touched!seriously...I could feel the warm caring from other people that I just knew them during in camp!V were just like in one big family,brothers and sisters!
I like Gen X!Instead of earning money,this is a good platform for me to learn and make a change because when expose to this career all of your weaknesses can be appeared!=)...seriously I realized actually I have this kind of weaknesses that I never realized before after joining this big family!!!
Gen X brothers and sisters!Let's fight for our dreams!!!Roar!!!