Saturday, March 13, 2010


one week gone..
so fast..
and i had done my one week fasting at the same time..
i really cant imagine how could i stand with just eating the fruits and vegetables
actually i was doing colon cleansing's tortured me
but luckily it comes out with a good effect..
i almost went to sunway every night...
and how much had i spent...i dare not to count even til now..
unfortunately i have to do it again after one week rest....
because the shit things still haven't all come out from my colon><
it stucks in my colon..
thats why i ate alot before but couldn't get fat!
hopefully after the whole treatment i can get fat!
i can eat as usual but need to go for acupuncture..@@
sunway~~have anyone gone there everyday?
no and mun are doing that..
i hope that this treatment can be done as soon as possible so that won't affect my study
i scared~><
yet i must finish it until i become healthy..
no choice...
some more i got thyroids...
luckily i meet the doctor earlier so can get the treatment earlier...
thank god~~
and thank mun also..=P
although it is costly...
I must get well as soon as possible!!!
hopefully everything is going smoothly~~


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